1/25/17-  thought you would enjoy this one, one group escaped while I was filming another!  I will be trying to change the settings on my phone, so videos are not so grainy.  

I am working on puppy information sheet for you, and will to get that posted here soon. 

Happy New Year -  the pictures below were taken 1/1/17. Monkeys boys are marked w/blue collars - Nellies yellow girls are in purple !

Monkey Babies  12/30/16  growing!!!! All black with a black mommy is hard to photograph - will try to improve the quality for you !

1/21/17 - New puppy owners, below are two quick videos from yesterday 1/20.  Don't forget to check our facebook page Canvasback Labradors, as I will be posting quick still shots there.  Unfortunately, rural living also means very slow internet and uploads, so stills are easier to keep you updated in between videos.  Also, be watching for your puppy care sheet.  You will all be asking the same questions shortly, about food, collars, crates, shots, etc..... I will try to include everying you need in this document and post it here.   The fun begins this week as we wean to solid food!    

Nellie Denver puppies 12/26

​January 10, 2017- Here are todays videos -   when you look at their eyes you will notice that have a bluish tinge .  The eyes still have a protective covering and that is what you are seeing. Over the next week, the puppies will loose that, and actually be able to see in shades of black and white. Time is flying - just looked at the calendar, 8 weeks is February 18th !!!!

improve your crop

Monkey puppies 12/26 - day 2 !

1/4/2017  click on these links to see the puppies today = growing , growing......

2/3/17-  Busy Busy day!  I let the puppies go outside for a few hours while I cleaned up their room and prepared my paperwork for their shots.  After about 2 hours they were getting cold so came back in to crash and nap in the heat.  All of them got their nails trimmed , their first combination shot, and microchipped!  Only a few whimpers - no major crying in this group. They had a fabulous time outside today - it is a shame it has been either cold or wet, they haven't had much 'run' time....but fun they did have.  A side note to the black puppy buyers from Monkey/Miles -  this litter looks smaller then Nellie's litter - they are putting on weight and catching up fast!  Monkey's litter was larger, and he milk came in a few days later, so they had a handicap - not to worry, they are eating like crazy and coming on strong - they will be even steven in another week.  I have some stills going to the Facebook page shortly so check there too!      enjoy!     Jane 

1/8/17  Can you see their eyes starting to open?

We got to go outside today - even at 30 degrees ! 

1.15.17 :  My apologies for the delay in post. I was sick last week and barely made it through chores much less into creative design mode. As a side note - make sure you LIKE our facebook page  CANVASBACK LABRADORS, as I will post simple stills there.   Jane

​Click on Monkey to the right - and see a quick video of both litters nursing on their mommas today (12/28/16). Monkey has a sore on her nose from digging in the box in labor.

The Whelping Box

1/31/17 - I divided the puppies up by groups so you can start focusing in on your specific puppy potentials!    Enjoy ! 

The whelping box is currently empty !    Feel free 

to enjoy the photos and clips below of past litters.....  Our 2018 puppies will be here the end of June , so check back soon! 

Andover Meadow Farm

Monkey / Miles picture 12/27 - Ten puppies !  Six black girls - four black boys - the ribbons that look white are actually baby blue.

Nellie's pups are actually getting fat!  They have the advantage at the moment - 2 less to feed and they had a day of moms milk that Monkey didn't have - but Monkeys will be caught up in another few days !