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Andover Meadow Farm

2018 Kidding Schedule 

K2- Chamoise doe w/blue eyes out of Tiny Town Kiss This-One sired by Phoenix Farm Kamehamheha at TT.   Kiss, her dam Penny, and her dam Quarter all proudly have  E scoring mammaries.  This is a great bet for a show prospect. $700

4/8/18:  Jingle, Luna, and Bronze are in the maternity ward due any second.  Next week look for Dollar and a few Oberhasli's to join them! 


2018 Kidding season has begun! finally ! 

The BEST way to see whats available is the facebook page -  Tiny Town Nigerian Goats Nigerians Oberhasli as I can post photos of babies as they arrive.  Will try to provide more info here. See below for current postings. 

K 1-  Buck kid, sibling of K2 above. $350 if purchased by 4/15 otherwise he will be wethered and be sold as a wether.  Excellent herd sire prospect.  See dam and sire's dams udder shots on the doe and buck pages.