Andover Meadow LLC

About Andover Meadow Farm

Located in Marydel, MD just a few miles west of Dover,DE


Stud Service is available for the following:

Hackney Horses

Labrador retrievers

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

Oberhasli Dairy Goats




We have puppies available occassionally. We breed yellow and black Labradors and can refer you to other reputable breeders for Chocolate. .  



Goat Sales

Goat sales are year round.  The kidding season is usually January through May, but we normally have older kids, dry yearlings, bucks and older does available all year long. We currently have a bred doe sale in progress - see the homw page for link to the current sales list. 



​We offer the following farm services: please email us for appointments and availability.

Please also click Farm Services above on the navigation bar to see a full listing ! 

Stud/Buck Breeding Service - driveway and boarded plans available. 

Club/group seminars. (discounts available for 4H and FFA groups)

Consultation services for herd/flock purchasing. 

Management consultations for breeding/nutrition/management. 

Consultation services for event planning and execution as well as fund raising for event. 

Chaffhaye sales and service. 

Our farm was established in 2001.  We have projects going on here year round.  Andover Meadow Farm produces lovely Orchard grass hay that we feed to our horses and the dairy goats.