Andover Meadow LLC

We offer the following farm services for 2023 - please email for availability: 

Stud/Buck Breeding Service - driveway and boarded plans available. 

Club/group seminars. (discounts available for 4H and FFA groups)

Consultation services for herd/flock purchasing. 

Management consultations for breeding/nutrition/management. 

Consultation services for event planning and execution as well as fund raising for event. 

Chaffhaye sales and service.  

AI breeding services

Annual CAE  herd testing service. 

Fresh raised Lamb and Beef sales, butchered to your cut specifications. You pick up from our USDA inspected partner. We arrange everything for you. 

Goats Milk for hobby/crafts.  ( we would love to share our delicious cheese with you but unless we get a million dollar grant or anonymous gift, making regulation to be a licensed dairy in Maryland is cost prohibitive.  We can however teach YOU how to make your own! 

Consultation services for setting up your dairy goat and or sheep homestead.