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Andover Meadow Farm

Updated 10-12-19

Kidding season is now over, but we do have a few goats for sale. Please email me for more information on any of the below listed animals.

Oberhasli - 

I have  a  yearling coming 2 year old I could be talked into letting go. Just bred to VanJust Victor Krumb for March Kids.  $600

Bucks - 

I have one registered Oberhasli buck available - He is a coming 2 year old.  $350

Email me for more info on any of the above listed animals

Jaunt -  Jaunt is a yearling milker, coming 2 year old.  She is a good young milker with a soft, easy to milk udder and nice sized teats.    If you are looking for a good brood doe for starting out, an excellent easy to milk doe for your own use, or just a super duper friendly pet, Jaunt is your girl.  I need to get a good photo of her, she is a gray and black buckskin with brown eyes. $600 bred to Oscar. 

This is a good investment - you will recap your purchase price with the sale of her kids!