Sparkling Acres Lucky Dreams

(SGH Sparkling Acres Elegant Dream  LA FS 91 VEEE X  Heaven's Hollow Pistol Pete)


What a milker!   Rem freshened last this year so didn't get to be on test for very long. However, she is a powerhouse at the pump, milking over 8 pounds per day - this is a first freshening 2 year old.  She also missed appraisal, being heavy with kids , but we hope to get her appraised this year. Very excited to see what the second freshening brings.  Bred to Arriosmith for May kids. 

( The Starr's Elphaba  X  Sparking Acres Lucky Dreams )


Tiny Town LD Rem Sleep

Lucky came to us under the most unlikely circumstances, and at the time we only had two does.  We didn't realize at the time what a good buck he was, or how much he would improve the does in both general appearance and mammary!  Lucky appraised for the first time this summer with a FS 89 VEE.  We hope to make a 90 E next year improving on his feet which were overgrown at appraisal. 

The Oberhasli's

I have always loved and admired Oberhasli Dairy Goats - their beautiful bay coloring and deep black markings always captured my attention at every show.  In 2013 I decided to give it a try, and our first doe kid was purchased.  Five years later we now have 10 Obers and our program is off and running.  We have been slowly breeding better and better goats, and are very excited to see what we get in 2018.  We will have several doe and buck kids available this year (2018)

​Sparkling Acres Justa Lil Jazz

​(Sparkling Acres Justa Lil Diva  X  Vanjust VDR Endless Jazz)


Jazz came to us in 2016 and we kept her as a dry yearling in 2017. Glad we did - she was an ugly duckling that WOW , filled out and leveled out and deepened significantly during this summer. We can't wait to see how she freshens. Lots of mammary behind this doe on both sides - and her sires pedigree is awesome ! 

Bred to Arriosmith for April Kids. ​

I just love my Brew!  Pictured here this summer (2017)  as a first freshener. She is a Lucky daughter and the first I got to see in milk. He improved the udder so drastically from her mother, my jaw fell open. This doe scored FS 86 +VVE  Note the E in mammary!  She was 2 years  1 month old when appraised, and can't wait until she full matures and deepens with subsequent freshenings. Bred to Arriosmith for May kids. 

Blue-Ridge Celeste

My herdsire for 2018 is currently (winter 2018) out in the breeding pens a hot mess in rut with long hair and smells terrible! LOL - so with any good buck, you look at his mother so providing her photos here!  Ariel was the 2nd place 3 year old at the 2017 National show!  Her photos speak for them selves below - pictured as a 3 year old 2nd freshener. She appraised this year as a FS 90 VEEE .  You can see Arriosmith's pedigree here:

Tiny Town Witch's Brew

​Celeste joined our herd in the summer of 2017.  Although she was not in top notch shape or milk, we knew that the basics are there and she had the genetics to add some power and milk to the herd.  She appraised this year at 

87 VEV+ -  but you can see from her previous appraisal in 2016 at 89 VEVE - note the E in mammary and we are hopeful to get that back, and/or some kids that will carry that on.  Bred to Justin for April kids. 

Andover Meadow LLC

Haycreeks Spartacus Arriosmith

(SGCH  Haycreeks Brownie Ariel   X  Haycreeks Salute Spartacus