Pecan Hollow SF Kiss My Grits 

​(MCH CH Dill Pickle LB Constatine  X  Pecan Hollow BAW Santa Fe)

Kamo's dam 

GCH Phoenix Farm Summer Tune 


Sunny's dam udder shot  

                 Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol 

(NC Promiseland Pablo Abednego X  Bombahook Acres HSRD Demi Pile)

The first thing I can say about Grits is - I need a more mature photo!  He is quite a hunky guy these days!  Will try to remember next year!  Grits is Polled - a solid brown (I call it chestnut). He is so very level, and every daughter in my herd has his stamp of length of body, levelness of rump.  He is not a very large buck, so he has worked well in my program on larger does to make sure they stay well within the standard.  You can see his pedigree by clicking here:  Pedigree  Unfortunately, there is not a lot of data there, as his mother and close family came over from AGS. His sire goes back to Tom Thumb, and his mother had a kick butt udder.  His last LA was V+V86  He earn an Excellent in both shoulder and back..... Frozen Semen Available Photos of his dam, dams udder and a ff daughter on the For Sale Page.

Baby Kamo  spring 2016

Dams udder


Sunny is my mammary buck.  He is the litter mate to our herd queen, SGCH Tiny Town Topaz 1*M (top ten milker 2014 Breed Leader).  I have used him on a variety of does/types, and he dominates in fixing udders.  He gets them center, high, wide, with great milkable teats.  Sunny's last LA score was VVE 88.  His sire SG NCPromiseland SIA Samurai *+B was on the Elite buck list and ranked #1 last year.  You can see Sunny's pedigree here:   Pedigree   I am trying to locate a photo of his mothers udder, which was perfect, in the meantime you can see it as the cover photo on our Face Book Page.  Frozen Semen available. 

Frozen semen available.  

Kamo is our primary herdsire for 2018 kids.  We used him on 2 or 3 

does last fall, and liked what we got so spreading his genes across 

to our best does!   His dam pictured right is a powerhouse doe, with tons of depth of body, correct rear leg set, and a level topline. The Excellent mammary doesn't hurt either! LA 90 VEEE

​His sire is CH Heaven's Hollow Majesty LA 89 VEE. His dam in turn is is the famous  SGCH WYOJEM WENDY KIKI LA 91 VEEE In her 2015 lactation , she miked 1474 pounds ! 

Reference Only, Henri passed away in Jan 17

​You will ​note that all the does at Tiny Town, are in fact Tiny Town bred. We have been breeding this lovely breed of goat for over fifteen years, and developed our own line - however, occasionally we have to bring in outside genetics as things get a little too close, and, to improve on specific traits.  Our Bucks provide this influx of outside genes - Below are the boys of Tiny Town, including our very own Sunny. 

Sold 12/17  = reference only. Frozen semen available. 

Sweet Garden DS Henri Hertz​

​( J-Nels L Double Stuf  X SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M) Elite

What can I say -  when the opportunity to bring this little guy home popped up, I could not resist. Henri's dam was the 2016 ADGA Total Performer, she was 2nd to Belladonna and 2nd Best Udder at the 2016 National Show, her LA score is 90 VEEE, and she milked over 1000 lbs last year. Talk about the total package!!!! Not to be overlooked, his sire side goes back Dumplin...everyone in ND's knows that doe!  I can't decide if Henri is Black or very dark mahogany - I will be finding out when he gets clipped in the spring which is when I will got his big boy photos as well.  He is the sire of many of your 2017 kid crop, and I am very excited to see how these kids look. Dam Elise is pictured here: 

Love this goat - have to get a more mature photo because his beard is magnificent! Booty's dam is phenomenal ( LA 91 VEEE- and his famous cousin Spelling Bee sold for $16K at the Colorama sale!  LA score in 2013 was 87 VVV.  He is more level then he appears in this photo as he has a chocolate patch of hair right at the tail head, look closely.... Booty has a nice tight front end and tight elbows.  See dam's photo to the right. 

SG Tiny Town Sunny Surprise *+B (Elite Buck 2016)

​(CH Piddlin Acres BZ Gold Elegance  X   SG NC Promiselalnd SIA Samurai +*B)

Tiny Town Black Beans and Rice ​

​(Tiny Town AL Creole  X Dragonfly HLJ Sugarman)

Black Beans is a jolly fellow that we just love. He has striking blue eyes and stamps his kids with lots of flash in the pan.  We hope to see some first freshening daughters by him in 2018 and 2019.  His dam Creole can be seen on the Nigerian Doe page - and is one of our favorites. 

Andover Meadow LLC

​The Bucks .......

​Kamo pictured June 2017 at 14 mos 6/2017