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We are located on Maryland's wonderful eastern shore, just 15 minutes west of Dover Delaware.  Andover Meadow Farm is home to our herd of approx 40 Nigerian Dwarf Goats and 10 Oberhasli dairy goats known as Tiny Town Goats - and 7 Labrador Retrievers, known as Canvasback Labradors for over twenty years. We also have sheep, chickens, cattle, and horses! 

Our farm business  is VERY busy from kidding season which kicks off in March, through the holidays between dog shows, goat shows, horse shows, and unfortunately chores and farm projects.

Please click Farm Services for a listing of our services available for 2020 and 2021.

​Welcome ! 

Hi Folks - ​

7/1/2020 -  Well 2019 and 2020 were not very good to us - in mid 2019 we lost our only son at the age of 22 , tragically.  Dakota was our reason for continuing the farm business - and was to be the heir of the property.  Last winter we rolled up our sleeves, brushed off our pants and and said ok 2020 will be better and we will busy and successful.  Then COVID 10 hit in the first quarter and we had to cancel all our contracts for judging services, hosting the 2020 Linear appraisal session, all on farm visits, and travelling consultation farm services.  We are doing everything we can to stay positive, keep the bills paid, and try to come back in 2021 with all of our farm services and products that you have come to expect from us.  

2021 Update - It has been a crazy busy year - we spent a lot of time meeting new customers, expanding our consultation offerings all over the country.  The livestock sales have been strong for 2021 and we have expanded in that direction as well.  Check out Farm Services for a listing of offerings. 

2022 update whew, it is busy! Lots of baby goats - baby lambs - judging assignments all over the country, and puppies.  

Please email me at for any questions on the farm, goats, consultation and breeding services and upcoming fresh beef and lamb sales for 2023!   Thanks for visiting!   Please click and like either of the pages below for the most current photos of the puppies and goats.   Thanks !    Jane Bailey