Andover Meadow Farm

Tiny Town AL Creole

SGCH Tiny Town Blue Bayou  X  Dill's XM Alabama *B

​Creole is one of my favorite does - she is beautiful and has a lovely udder. (see inset photo)  She is very dairy and feminine.  Creole has one leg towards her championship, and has only shown a few times.  We have retained her 16 and 17 daughters for ourselves!  Blue Eyes. 


Fifty is our first home bred champion.  This doe MILKS!  She easily earned her milk star on a one day test competition in extreme heat after being hauled across the state.  She has lovely soft teats that gush the milk, making her the choice doe for teaching others how to milk for the first time. She has an LA 90 E  and is just a lovely doe.  As she has aged (born in 2005) we are seeing some sagging in her upper attachments, but other then that we wouldn't change a thing about her. Blue eyes.

SGCH Tiny Town Blue Bayou 2*M

CH Piddlin Acres Gold Elegance  X  NC Promisedland SIA Samurai *+B

Topaz is our herd queen!  She was our first Superior Genetics Champion, she was our first LA Excellent 90 doe, and ranked 4th on the ADGA Breed Leader list for Top Ten 2014. We hope to get her back on a 305 milk test next season to go for it again....her mammary is perfect, we wouldn't change a thing.  

The Does

SG Tiny Town Blue Sued Shoes X BRB Tiny Town FuManchu.

Ground Rush Rhapsodie En Bleu X Green Gate Xfile


Jingle was born here with an identical twin sister SGCH Tiny Town Treble 3*M. I had to put coded collars on them to tell them apart.  Her last LA score was an 89 and she too marched easily to her milk star on a hot humid one day test .  Jingle is a lovely doe that has given us several nice kids along the way, and hopefully a few more to come!  

SGCH Tiny Town Jingle 3*M

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Update Fall 2017 -  Penny, Surely, and Dollar all appraised Excellent in this years session!  All with E mammary scores!!!!  I will be posting photos in November when I do my big web update. If interested in a reservation for 2018, please email me in the mean time! 

​SGCH Tiny Town S Topaz *M